How To Choose The Best Commercial Cleaning Service


Cleaning is a very vital process, be it personal or commercial. Commercial cleaning services are not easy to find. What type of facility is it and what are its requirements? These are the questions you should ask yourself. Appearance is what makes a business; a lousy appearance will ruin a business’s reputation. A dirty and chaotic facility will disgust people. Cleaning services like Alpharetta floor stripping and waxing are over the range now, and finding one that fits your needs is not easy.

You need to identify the type and the size of your facility. This will help you narrow down the list of cleaning services that you require. Frequency, type of surface and the locations you need to be cleaned out are some of the things you should look at. Then decide on what budget you are on. Once the list is in place you can now start the interview.

Mid to large facilities have a lot of areas that need Altanta commercial cleaning. Different types of facilities have different ways to be cleaned, a hospital and a supermarket are cleaned very differently. The surface such as vinyl, concrete, and carpet are also vital because they are all washed differently. Schools and hospitals require more strict services because they have their own rules and regulations when it comes to cleaning. To be on the safe side choose a more substantial commercial cleaning service that offers a variety of services. Cleaning services that are franchised have a lot of experience and can offer a lot of services in different locals.

A cleaning service without a review is probably not good at its work. This will solidify your choice and stop you from having to repeat the whole process. You want to confirm that it does its best when it comes to cleaning.

The cleaning service should have insurance. A liability insurance will protect you against a liability claim, so it’s important for the cleaning service to have one. Providing proof of insurance is not a big deal to a cleaning service that knows it’s credible. This shows that they are experienced. You should ask to be added as a certificate holder and additional insured, so you are updated with a new certificate when it expires. Insurance protects you and your facility in case of damage.

You should find out what products the cleaning service want to use. This is to ensure that the surfaces are not damaged because of wrong use of products.

The commercial cleaners should offer you a checklist with all the services performed for each cleaning. The checklist should be signed by management for the commercial cleaning contractor to submit billing.


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